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Martial Blade Camp 2019

The 17th annual Martial Blade Camp will present 36 hours of instruction in all aspects of the MBC and CBC curricula. This event is specifically designed to enhance the skills of both advanced practitioners and novice participants. To maximize the benefits of the training, all participants are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the basic logic and fundamental concepts of MBC before attending.

The 2019 event will focus on hard-core skill development, practical street applications, and advanced training methodologies. It will also include instruction in specialized topics outside the scope of the MBC/CBC systems, including unarmed and improvised weapon tactics and other topics of student interest.

Tuition for Martial Blade Camp is $700.00 and includes full participation in all training, a generous camp souvenir package, and eligibility for all prize giveaways during the event. Lodging is not included in the price of tuition. Once officially registered for camp, participants will be allowed to book rooms from a block of rooms specifically reserved for our group. This lodging includes all meals during the event.

Registration for the camp requires the completion of a liability waiver and a deposit of $300.00. For more detailed information, please consult the MBC Camp page on this web site.  The deadline for standard registration is 1 June 2019.

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Martial Blade Concepts Progressive Skills Seminar, Buckeye Combatives

Columbus, Ohio has one of the strongest concentrations of high-level MBC practitioners in the country. Taking full advantage of that resource, this special 2-1/2-day event will focus on advanced skill development in all aspects of MBC, CBC, and their related disciplines. As the last Michael Janich seminar before the 2019 Martial Blade Camp, it will also serve as a “pre-test” evaluation and tune-up for MBCers aspiring to test for proficiency and instructor certification.

The topics we will address during this special event will include:

  • The latest evolutions of MBC and CBC tactics, techniques, and training methods

  • MBC drill integration and the strategies of the “Chess Game”

  • Skill integration and in-fight weapon deployment

  • Teaching and coaching methodologies

  • MBC’s triangular footwork, off-balancing, and throwing

  • Foot trapping, kicking, sweeping, and low-line destruction

  • Integration of low-line skills into unarmed skills, CBC, MBC, and stick tactics

Although the goals of this seminar are optimized for advanced skill development, it is open to participants of all skill levels. Students new to MBC will work in skill-appropriate study groups with designated MBC instructors as part of their instructor development process.

The seminar will be conducted at:

Buckeye Combatives
3881 S. High Street
Columbus, Oh 43207

For more information, contact Eric Kaltenborn at or 614-595-8837.

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Practical Self-Defense–Counter-Blade Concepts, Practical Unarmed Combatives, and Counter-Gun Concepts

Developed specifically for Florida Firearms Training, this customized curriculum is designed to provide a simple, integrated skill set that enables you to defend yourself effectively without weapons, with improvised weapons like tactical pens and flashlights, and with environmental weapons of opportunity. It will also teach you how to combine these skills with your shooting tactics to “earn your draw” and seamlessly transition from contact-distance striking to use of a firearm. Finally, it will present selected elements of his Counter-Gun Concepts system of disarming attackers armed with firearms.

Drawing from his proven systems of Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) and Practical Unarmed Combatives, Michael Janich’s instruction will include:

  • Unarmed defenses against common unarmed attacks

  • Dispelling the myths of the “21-foot rule”

  • Realistic unarmed defenses against common knife and impact-weapon attacks

  • Recognizing, assessing, and using environmental weapons of opportunity

  • Carry, draw, and application of everyday carry (EDC) improvised weapons like tactical pens and flashlights

  • Proactive and preemptive defensive use of tactical flashlights

  • Fundamentals of in-fight weapons access and “earning your draw”

  • Transitioning from unarmed skills to the handgun

  • Transitioning from improvised weapon skills to the handgun

  • Principles of Counter-Gun Concepts

  • Basic first-person handgun disarms

  • Basic third-person (active shooter) handgun disarms

  • Total skill integration and contextual application

Developed to meet the specific interests of Florida Firearms Training and its students, this curriculum is designed to empower people of all sizes and fitness levels. Please note that this is a physical class and will involve striking padded targets.

For more information or to register, please visit Florida Firearms Training’s web site.

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