The following companies and the individuals who run them have earned my trust and confidence, so I give their products and services my highest personal recommendation.
Producer and source of instructional videos on MBC and its related systems, as well as MBC-related products and accessories
Manufacturer of my Yojimbo 2, Ronin 2, and JaniSong  knife designs, as well as a broad range of other high-performance folding and fixed-blade knives and sharpening systems.
Manufacturer of high-quality aluminum training knives and swords, including signature trainers I designed for use in MBC training.
Manufacturer of premium tactical pens, pencils, and other tools and accessories.
Manufacturer of AfterKnife accessoies—innovative aftermarket parts that enhance the functionality of your folding knife.
One of the premier sources of high-quality shooting and tactical training for private citizens, law enforcement, and other armed professionals.