Michael Janich has authored or co-authored more than a dozen books. Those currently still available, including some of his best-selling Paladin Press titles, are listed here. Click on any title or cover image to go directly to to purchase.

A Complete Guide to Personal and Home Defense

Today’s world is more dangerous than ever before. In addition to “conventional” crimes like robbery, assault, rape, kidnapping, and murder, you must now cope with threats of home invasion, sexual predators, active shooters, and even acts of terrorism. With 911 response times averaging 10 minutes or more, you are left with one clear and inescapable truth: when it comes to keeping yourself and your loved ones safe, you are on your own.

The Best Defense teaches you how to meet that daunting challenge by taking a hard look at the realities of modern crime and providing detailed instruction in skills, tactics, and habits you need to keep yourself safe. In it, Michael Janich, world-renowned self-defense authority and co-host of the popular The Best Defense television series, takes you step by step through his proven home and personal-protection methods. In the process, he provides specific tips on hardening your home security, developing a family defense plan, practical unarmed self-defense skills, improvised weapons, pepper sprays, edged weapons, firearms tactics, and self-defense for the physically challenged. More importantly, he teaches you how to recognize and avoid violent crime before it happens.

Being on your own can be terrifying. The Best Defense teaches you how to take control of that fear and turn it into positive, tangible actions that will keep you safer.

The Complete Textbook of Point Shooting by Col. Rex Applegate & Michael D. Janich

Originally published by Paladin Press, this book is the most authoritative reference available on the combat-proven handgun point shooting method taught by the legendary Col. Rex Applegate. It presents detailed, step-by-step instruction in the system of point shooting Applegate taught to military intelligence operatives and members of the OSS (Office of Strategic Services--the predecessor of the CIA) during World War II. This system allows you to quickly and instinctively get shots on target without using the gun's sights and while experiencing the physiological effects of life-threatening stress. It also dispels the many myths surrounding point shooting and puts this gunfight-proven method into context with more "modern" techniques.

For academic study only. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, softcover, photos, 120 pp.

A Practical Course

Originally published by the now-defunct Paladin Press and written by renowned personal-defense authority Michael Janich, this book presents a simple, straightforward system of knife fighting based on Janich's extensive analysis of the Filipino martial arts and military combatives. Widely regarded as one of the true modern classics on this deadly topic, this book provides the average martial artist, soldier, or self-defense-minded citizen with pragmatic skills in the fundamentals of fighting with a knife.

This book provides detailed instruction in the core elements of Michael Janich’s MBC curriculum, focusing on the combative applications of the movements. It does not, however, include the evolved targeting system of the current MBC system. For the most up-to-date information on Janich’s knife curriculum, the Martial Blade Concepts video series is the best reference.

For academic study only. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 108 pp.