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Hello MBC Enthusiasts:

Long time no blog…

I apologize for the long lapse since my last post, but to be very honest, I wasn’t sure that my blog posts were reaching anyone or doing any good. Fortunately, some dedicated MBCers set me straight and let me know that they actually do read the blog and find it a useful resource. Feedback is a good thing… A lot has happened since my last post and both the MBC system and the MBC community have continued to grow and evolve in a dynamic and positive way. However, one of the most positive developments has been the recent availability of MBC-specific “tools,” like the Spyderco Yojimbo2, a high-quality Yojimbo2 trainer, and a custom rebirth of my classic Ronin fixed-blade design.

The Yojimbo2 was announced at the 2011 SHOT show and immediately started generating interest and orders. By the time the first production run was completed in November 2011, the knife was deeply backordered and sold out quickly. After almost a year of constant production, demand still exceeds supply, but it’s definitely easier to find now.

The Yo2 is a significant improvement over the first-generation Yojimbo. It features refined ergonomics, a shorter, more compact handle, and a longer blade. The blade is hollow ground for increased mass and tip strength, as well as a long service life of the edge. I removed the jimping (grooves) from the thumb ramp of the blade to avoid hot spots that could abrade the user’s hand and to be easier on pockets during the draw. The high-strength Compression Lock mechanism features a much-improved detent to keep the blade securely closed during carry, while still offering convenient one-handed closing. A four-position clip completes the package, making the knife configurable for all carry styles.

As we all know, the best way to ensure that you have the skill to use your Yo2 effectively is to train with a high-quality training knife that accurately replicates its shape, size, and balance. Thanks to the talented Steve Rollert of Keen-Edge Knives, such a trainer now exists. CNC machined from solid aircraft-quality aluminum, it accurately mirrors the weight and balance of a live-blade Yo2. The detail of the machining is incredible, and it even features a CNC-engraved MBC logo on the handle. Through a licensing arrangement with Spyderco, Steve is able to make 200 of these trainers per year. They are currently being offered through Stay Safe Mediaand directly through Keen-Edge Knives.

Those of you who have been following my knife designs for a while may remember my first Spyderco design: the Ronin fixed blade. The Ronin began as a custom collaboration with knifemaker Mike Snody and evolved into a production project with Spyderco. Due to difficulties with sheath production, the Spyderco Ronin had only one production run of 1,300 pieces. If you can find one in the secondary market, they fetch a pretty handsome price.

After countless requests from folks looking for Ronins, I approached my friend and veteran MBC practitioner Mickey Yurco. Mickey is an extremely talented knifemaker and a retired law enforcement officer. After a little persuasion, he agreed to do a limited run of custom Ronins to be sold exclusively through Stay Safe Media. Hand ground from 440C stainless steel, Mickey’s Ronin’s feature shorter handle scales made of polished G-10. His improved design includes a tapered single guard and exposed index finger groove that also function as the retention points for the custom-molded Kydex sheath. The result is an exceptional sheath fit that is far superior to first-generation Ronins.

Per my agreement with Mickey, he will produce 10 knives per month for one year, yielding a total of 120 pieces. Most have black G-10 handles and clear pins, but Mickey occasionally mixes in a few other handle colors to keep things interesting. I have been carrying my personal Ronin for several months now and absolutely love it. If you’re interested in one, they are available while supplies last exclusively from Stay Safe Media.

It’s great to finally be able to refer people to tools I trust, made and sold by people I trust. Life is good.

Stay safe,


Michael Janich