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A Crash Course in Defensive Knife Tactics

What do you really need to know to defend yourself effectively with a knife? World-renowned edged-weapons expert Michael Janich hears that question a lot. And this video is his answer.

Completely revised and updated, this step-by-step instructional DVD features all the information that made the original Martial Blade Concepts title one of the best selling videos of its kind. Janich explains the irrefutable logic of his Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) system and clearly demonstrates how concealable, legally carried knives and an intimate knowledge of the vulnerabilities of human anatomy can be used to quickly and reliably stop any armed attacker. He then leads you step by step through the simple, easily learned critical skills of the MBC curriculum and teaches you how to perfect them through progressive reflex training drills.

Nearly 50% longer that the original version, this enhanced video also features never-before-seen bonus material in which Janich explains the latest advances of MBC tactics and reveals the secrets of MBC solo training methods, both with and without apparatus.

If you’re serious about developing real defensive knife skills, this is the training resource you’ve been waiting for.

For academic study only. Color, 1 hour 23 minutes.
Standard and Widescreen Letterbox Format


In Martial Blade Concepts: The Enhanced Version, MBC founder Michael Janich provided detailed instruction in the critical skills personal defense with a knife. Martial Blade Concepts – Volume 2 continues that education, reinforcing and refining those fundamentals and introducing the next block of instruction in the MBC system.

Volume 2 reveals the secrets of MBC’s body mechanics, footwork, and live-hand checking and leads you step by step through the process of integrating them into a powerful combative synergy. Janich provides detailed instruction in MBC’s scientific approach to checking, maximizing the body’s structural strength and energy transfer while maintaining fluidity that keeps you one step ahead of your attacker. He also teaches you the process of “deconstructing” techniques—eliminating or modifying the movements to instantly adapt to the dynamic nature of real attacks. And, building on the foundation of the first video in this series, Janich teaches you the remaining Defensive Responses of MBC’s standard grip system and the skills necessary to use a knife against attacks with sticks and other long-range weapons.

Throughout this process, Janich explains and reinforces MBC’s extraordinary learning methodology, which combines clear logic with a natural progression of skill and understanding. That approach, combined with dedicated instruction in solo training methods, make this series an incredibly effective learning tool for anyone serious about self-defense.

For academic study only. Color, 1 hour 19 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Reflex Training Drills – A Dynamic, Scalable Approach to Reflex Development

To defend yourself effectively against a sudden street attack, you have to have well honed reflexes; just “knowing a technique” is not enough. For centuries, practitioners of the Filipino martial arts have used reflex training or “flow” drills to achieve this goal. Through fluid repetitions of key patterns of motion, they literally program proper combative responses into your nervous system. They can also be scaled in intensity to create an extremely dynamic form of adrenal stress training that closely replicates real combat. In this extraordinary video, Michael Janich provides step-by-step instruction in MBC’s flow drills, contrasting them with the traditional Filipino versions and defining the specific skills they develop. He also introduces the “chess game”—the process of spontaneously combining drills to create a dynamic training method that will take your reflexes to extreme levels. This video also includes never-before-seen instruction in the devastatingly simple De Cuerdas tactic and the secrets of dealing with “mismatched leads” (left vs. right).

For academic study only. Color, 1 hour 36 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Speed Stops – A Comprehensive Review of Fight-Stopping Defensive Applications

The most distinctive aspect of the Martial Blade Concepts system is its focus on using small, legal-to-carry knives to quickly and reliably stop virtually any close-range attack. By combining an exceptional understanding of human anatomy with natural, easily learned patterns of motion refined through reflex training drills, MBC creates a system of tactics that literally disable an attacker in seconds. Known as “Speed Stops,” these techniques are the core of MBC and make it one of the most brutally efficient yet responsible systems of knife tactics ever developed. For the first time ever, this video takes you step by step through a comprehensive review of all the standard-grip applications of the MBC system. During the process, Michael Janich also teaches you both the core elements and the finer points of each technique and shows you how they are derived from and supported by the reflex training drills of the MBC system. The information in this video is the heart of the MBC method and no personal-defense library is complete without it.

For academic study only. Color, 55 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Reverse Grip Knife Fighting – The MBC Approach

The reverse or “ice pick” grip forces you to get up close and impersonal. It also capitalizes on the powerful gross motor skills of the body to yield a devastatingly effective system of body mechanics. In their traditional form, however, reverse-grip tactics focus heavily on lethal-force applications that, while extremely deadly, do not provide immediate stopping power. In this extraordinary video, Michael Janich reveals the secrets of the MBC approach to reverse-grip tactics and shows you how he’s adapted the battle-proven methods of the Filipino martial arts to the realities of modern self-defense. Janich provides detailed instruction in all the skills of MBC’s reverse-grip system and shows you how to apply them to instantly disable an armed attacker. He also teaches you MBC’s distinctive high-speed reflex training drills that support and develop these skills and contrasts them with the classical Filipino methods. Bringing it all together, he teaches you how to instantly counter an attacker’s attempts to grab or trap your weapon hand and fluidly integrates these tactics into the MBC system. No study of reverse-grip tactics is complete without this dynamic video.

For academic study only. Color, 106 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

A Complete Guide to Carrying and Drawing Tactical Folding Knives

The first rule of knife fighting is “have a knife.” And while carrying a knife helps, you don’t really have a knife until you have the skills to get it into action when you really need it. In Volume 6 of Michael Janich’s acclaimed Martial Blade Concepts video series, you get those skills.

In the most comprehensive video of its kind, Janich leads you step by step through every aspect of the carry and high-speed deployment of defensive folding knives. First, he lays the foundation of your knife-opening skill by explaining the mechanics of one-handed openings and the advantages and disadvantages of thumb studs, disks, flippers, blade holes, assisted opening mechanisms, and the Emerson “Wave” opening feature. He then teaches you the most effective methods of manually opening your knife, including thumb openings, handle-swing openings, ring-finger openings, ultra-high-speed inertial openings, and the best tactics for use of the Emerson opener.

With that foundation set, Janich guides you through the various methods of carrying a tactical folding knife, providing little-known tips and tricks on tip-up and tip-down clip carry, pocket carry, inside-the-waistband carry, and belt-pouch carry. For those who operate in non-permissive environments, he also reveals numerous deep-concealment methods that enable you to keep your knife completely hidden, yet get it into action instantly.

Finally, Janich puts all the pieces together and presents detailed instruction in the mechanics of drawing your folder from various carry positions and instantly flowing into a high-speed opening—even during the chaos of a life-or-death street encounter. In the process, he reveals his personal secrets that enable him to draw and open a folding knife in one second or less.

No matter what system of knife tactics you practice, the ability to carry, draw, and deploy your blade quickly is critically important. The knowledge and skills presented in this video—along with sufficient practice—will ensure that you have that ability when you need it most.

For academic study only. Color, 1 hour 32 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Street-Proven Tactics to Survive a Knife Attack

Real knife attacks are sudden, incredibly violent, close-range encounters. To survive that type of threat, you need a practical, proven system of tactics you can trust. You need Counter-Blade Concepts.

Developed by renowned edged-weapon expert and Black Belt Hall of Fame member Michael Janich, Counter-Blade Concepts, or CBC, begins with a critical analysis of actual edged-weapon attacks. Based on a clear understanding of how those attacks happen, CBC then provides a simple, easily learned system of defenses that enable you to minimize injury to you, decisively control the attacking limb, and rapidly disable an assailant so you can escape safely. In his logical, step-by-step teaching style, Janich also shows you how to customize the system to fit your personal needs and physical attributes, including transitioning from lifesaving unarmed tactics to high-speed weapon deployment skills. Best of all, Counter-Blade Concepts teaches you how to seamlessly integrate all the skills of CBC into an unstoppable, layered system of tactics that allows you to rapidly adapt your defenses to any attack.

CBC has literally saved lives and has become the counter-knife system of choice of many armed professionals. Your defensive skill set isn’t complete without it.

For academic study only. Color, 2 hours 35 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Integrating Knife, Counter-Knife, and Ground-Fighting Tactics

How do you survive a ruthless, all-out knife attack when there’s nowhere to run? What tactics really work when your back is against the wall or, even worse, when you’re on the ground getting stabbed and cut? The answers to those questions can be found in CBC Advanced Concepts, a no-nonsense video course that teaches you how to survive edged-weapon attacks at extreme close quarters and on the ground. A powerful extension of Michael Janich’s proven Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system, this video first teaches you how to supercharge the unarmed tactics of CBC by adding your own knife to the fight. The result is a brutally effective mini-system of knife fighting that enables you to stand your ground, immediately shut down a committed knife attack, and efficiently disable your attacker in a matter of seconds. This “CBC as MBC” approach integrates the fight-proven blocks and traps of CBC with devastating pressure cuts that allow an ordinary, legal-to-carry folding knife to cut with the power of a sword. It also provides a simple, easy-to-learn solution for dealing with “mismatched leads,” giving left handers a practical system of knife self-defense for a predominantly right-handed world. Taking CBC even further, Michael Janich finally shows you how to use the core principles of the system to survive and defeat a knife attack on the ground. The simple, direct, and ruthless logic of these techniques could make them the most valuable self-defense skills you ever learn.

CBC Advanced Concepts builds directly on the knowledge and skills presented in Janich’s highly regarded Counter-Blade Concepts video. That information should be considered a prerequisite for the material presented in this video course.

For academic study only. Color, 40 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

A Practical Course in Self-Defense with Tactical Pens

A tactical pen is nothing more than a high-quality pen that provides all the same attributes as a purpose-designed “fist load” weapon like a Kubotan or yawara stick, but in the form of an ordinary-looking pen that can be carried virtually anywhere. But what really makes a tactical pen “tactical” is your ability to power it with a sound set of physical skills.

In this groundbreaking video, acclaimed self-defense instructor Michael Janich gives you those skills and dispels the many myths that surround the use of pens in self-defense. His step-by-step program includes everything you need to know to actually use a pen as an effective personal-defense weapon, including: equipment selection, proper grip, carry options and draws, striking methods, and pressure-point tactics. More importantly, it teaches you how to integrate the pen into a complete set of combative mechanics, making it a force multiplier that works in concert with empty-hand parries and strikes, elbows, knees, kicks, and foot traps.

To isolate and develop the critical skills of the system, Janich teaches you a simple series of reflex training drills-partner drills that quickly instill the structure, timing, accuracy, and power necessary to fight effectively with a pen. Along the way, he puts every skill into context, demonstrating simple, practical, yet devastatingly effective counters to a wide variety of street attacks. Once you’ve built a sound foundation, this video teaches you how to apply the concepts of the system beyond rote technique, dynamically combining its combative elements and scaling their intensity to fit the nature of the threats you face.

Without the skills and confidence to power it, a tactical pen is just a pen. This video will help you realize its true potential and teach you what you need to know to make it a viable defensive weapon.

For academic study only. Color, 1 hour 37 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

A Practical Course in Self-Defense with Tactical Pens

The tactical pen can be an incredibly potent carry-anywhere defensive weapon, but only if you power it with a sound skill set. The Focused Impact video series gives you that skill set. Volume 2 of this series builds on the foundation established in the first video with detailed instruction in Michael Janich’s enhanced version of Filipino hubud-lubud. Meaning “to tie and untie,” hubud is a powerful tactic that, when performed properly, provides an incredibly effective defense against even the most vicious close-quarters attacks. It also leaves the defender perfectly positioned for fight-stopping counterstrikes, traps, and throws. In Focused Impact Volume 2, Janich walks you step by step through his version of hubud and explains its advantages over traditional methods. He then teaches you how to apply it to multiple angles of attack and scale your response to different levels of threat. Along the way, he provides detailed instruction in high-speed partner training drills that will enable you to develop lifesaving defensive reflexes with only minimal training time.

Taking advantage of the tactical pen’s low-profile appearance, Janich also teaches you how to use it as the perfect “bridging” weapon—an immediate-response tool that paves the way to draw a gun or other overt weapon.

Finally, this extraordinary video teaches you how to easily adapt your skills of stand-up self-defense to disadvantaged positions, including devastating applications of a tactical pen as a game-changing groundfighting tool.

Tools are nothing without the knowledge to power them. Focused Impact gives you that knowledge.

For academic study only. Color, 54 minutes.
Widescreen Letterbox Format

A Practical Guide To Joint Locks, Breaks, And Manipulations

Joint locking is one of the most complex, frustrating, and difficult-to-learn skill sets in the martial arts. Its practical application in self-defense is also widely misunderstood and sometimes highly overrated. When properly understood and applied, however, it can be an incredibly quick and efficient fight stopper.

Junkyard Aikido cuts through the myth and misinformation to make joint locking skills accessible to any martial artist or self-defense practitioner. Using the proven analytical style that defines his popular instructional method, Michael Janich leads you step by step through both the techniques and the concepts of combative joint locks. Starting with the fingers and progressing methodically through the wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck, Janich shows you how to use the same motions of your body against both the right and left sides of your attacker to produce different, yet highly effective locks. Many of these simple mechanics also reveal the “hidden” applications of classical martial arts technique.

Instead of throws and submissions, the applications of Junkyard Aikido focus on breaking joints and creating opportunities for disabling strikes that will decisively end a fight. It also teaches you locks as the basis for weapon strips and disarms, giving you a decisive advantage over an armed attacker.

To complete the package, Janich analyzes the weaknesses of many traditional locking methods, teaches you simple but effective counters to them, and shows you how to modify your lock technique to prevent counters.

Junkyard Aikido is a slightly irreverent, non-denominational approach to learning and applying joint locks. If you want the function without the dogma, this video is for you.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 2 Hour 16 Minutes
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Critical Skills Of Damithurt Silat

Damithurt Silat is not an esoteric Asian martial art. Literally pronounced “Damn, it hurts a lot!” it is Michael Janich’s brutally practical and unapologetically irreverent system of modern self-defense. The result of more than 30 years of training, research, and analysis of the world’s most effective fighting arts, Janich’s curriculum does the homework for you—boiling empty-hand tactics down to the critical skills that you really need to survive a violent encounter.

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 1 lays the groundwork for your self-protection skills by teaching you a single combative sequence that can be used both preemptively and defensively to counter dozens of the most common street attacks. It also reveals the secret of “physiological potential,” a concept that allows you to harness the full power of every body motion and apply it as a spontaneous combative technique. You’ll also learn the dynamic power of “cycling,” devastating low-line knees and kicks, and sure-fire defensive tactics like the “shoulder stop” that take advantage of your body’s natural mechanics and intuitive responses to enable you to fight the way you were meant to fight.

If you’re looking for a truly practical guide to developing logical, functional unarmed fighting skill, this is it.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 1 Hour 11 Minutes
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Critical Skills Of Damithurt Silat

Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 2 continues your education in the combative logic of Damithurt Silat. Building on the knowledge of Volume 1, this video teaches you the secrets of the most effective defensive tactic you could ever learn. Common to all functional fighting arts, this movement, known as hubud in the Filipino systems, can be the key to defeating dozens of common street attacks, if you understand and master its full potential. Janich’s detailed explanation of the science behind this tactic and the secrets of integrating it into your hardwired reflexes will give you that understanding.

Janich also reveals his simple but highly effective methods of limb control and head control that will enable you to instantly shut down your attacker and remain safe while you finish the fight on your terms. These unique methods include passes, slap-downs, and wraps, as well as the incredible “Bela Lugosi” a sure-fire defense against the hardest punches that you can learn in a matter of minutes.

Finally, this video shows you how to round out your skills with the tactics of high-speed joint locks, wrenches, and breaks. These savage tactics literally demolish your attackers limbs on contact and will give you a life-saving edge in any street encounter.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 1 Hour 36 Minutes
Widescreen Letterbox Format

Low-line Destructions And Secrets Of The Silat Triangle

Learn how to quickly put an attacker on the ground and keep him there with the brutal low-line skills of Damithurt Silat. Instructor Michael Janich first explains the mechanics of combative kicking and reveals surefire methods of generating extreme power while maintaining balance on real-world terrain. He then leads you step by step through a simple but devastatingly effective arsenal of low-line weapons, including knees, kicks, grinds, stomps, and foot traps. Putting these weapons into perspective, you then learn how to integrate them into your defensive response patterns, taking advantage of the physiological potential of every movement to create crippling combinations that literally destroy your opponent’s legs—and his ability to deliver violence to you.

This extraordinary video also reveals the never-before-seen secrets of Pentjak Silat’s triangular footwork and throwing techniques. Drawing from his in-depth analysis of Indonesian Silat, Janich dispels the myths of conventional throwing techniques and shows you how to quickly and efficiently destroy your attacker’s balance by “putting him on the triangle.” He also explains the four methods of using your triangle pattern as a power base and the most efficient methods of performing traditional silat throws like the biset and kinjit. Finally, you’ll discover how to integrate your knowledge of triangular footwork, off-balancing, and low-line kicking with the skills from Volumes 1 and 2 of the series to quickly dominate and destroy any attacker.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 1 Hour 54 Minutes
Widescreen Letterbox Format

A Combative Guide To The Practical Use Of Improvised Weapons

Most self-defense programs recognize the tremendous potential of improvised weapons as viable defensive tools. Unfortunately, much of what is taught concerning their use is either incomplete or misguided, untested theory. To really employ improvised weapons in personal defense, you need more than James Bond-style tricks; you need sound tactics, planning and preparation, environmental awareness, and a solid training methodology. Renowned personal-protection instructor Michael Janich presents just such a plan in Forever Armed.

For academic study only. Color, approx. 1 hour 50 minutes
Widescreen Letterbox Format